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AI is the use of machines to replicate human intelligence. This can be thought of on a spectrum ranging from “weak” or “narrow” AI to “strong” AI – with the goal of strong AI being replication of intelligence and reasoning.

Technology has been integrated into asset management for decades with a variety of uses. Given the evolution of technology broadly in society, it is not surprising that there continue to be new technologies and use cases in asset management. The types of technologies being utilized today – including AI and ML – build on the existing systems and technology infrastructure. Modern AI can be used to recognise patterns, weigh probabilities and make predictions, and do so consistently and objectively. While it’s impossible for humans to apply investment principles unfailingly across the entire universe of potentially investible securities, machines can.

Here at Bitcointread we profit from the speed and cost cutting technology that AI provides us. This provides us with a platform which outperforms any human-managed platform. Especially in the time of crypto, it is a must-have for any investment platform. So here we are, ready to serve you. Welcome to Bitcointread.


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Investment Plans

Machine learning makes it possible for us to promise and also provide a high profit which seems unusual for mainstream investors.

Level 1 Plan

10% In 24hrs

  • Instant withdrawal
  • Minimum $30
  • Maximum $499

Level 2 Plan

16% In 24hrs

  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Minimum $500
  • Maximum $1999

Level 3 Plan

21% In 48Hrs

  • Instant withdrawal
  • Minimum $2000
  • Maximum $4999

Level 4 Plan

27% In 48hrs

  • Instant withdrawal
  • Minimum $30
  • Maximum $499

Level 5 Plan

33% In 72Hrs

  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Minimum $30000
  • Maximum $10000000
The benefits of choosing for Bitcointread

Choosing for us means choosing for AI, the technology of the future. And the future is completely yours.

We innovate

AI is automating manual work so we can be faster and more precise.

Higher earnings

AI works faster, better and more efficient. You will see it in your wallet.


We are a certified, licensed reputable company.

Frequently asked questions

We have made a collection of your most urgent questions and provided answers for them right here for your convenience.

This site acts as an international investment platform that allows investors from all over the world to earn money from investing in our AI investment fund.
Any adult can invest, regardless of location, income level or social status.
Our investment platform provides you with the most favourable conditions for cooperation, including different investment plans, progressive scale of profitability, low financial risk, convenience and ease of use.
The policy of our company is against creating a lot of accounts with one investor. That is why we are persistently asking to create and use one account. If you create more than one account, the administration will block such accounts. The funds in these accounts will be frozen.
In order to invest through Bitcointread.cc and earn profit you must complete the registration process.
We know our customers' needs, and we feel it is our duty to provide them with the most comfortable and safe investment conditions while ensuring a high asset growth rate. Our company has developed six investment plans which can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors.
Choose the most suitable plan, click 'MAKE DEPOSIT', specify the preferred e-wallet, enter the deposit amount and confirm the transaction.
The deposit amount depends on the chosen investment plan. You can deposit any amount within the limits of $1 and $10,000. As you can see, we have made a fairly low threshold to start earning.
Opt for that plan which fits best your preferences, goals and budget. Use the calculator of income to understand and estimate the potential performance of your investment.
No, you cannot do this. You can make another deposit.
Yes, you do. For this, please, log into your account and go to Withdraw section. You will need to specify the amount you wish to receive and payment details so our processing centre specialists would know where you want the money sent to.
Perhaps, you entered incorrect payment details for financial assets withdrawal. Please, make sure you entered payment details correct. If the problem is still unsolved, please contact customer service.
We clearly understand the desire of our customers to keep their anonymity on the Internet. We do not require any verifications of your personality, proof of your physical address, telephone number, etc. What is needed is the information, due to which you will be identified and recognized by our protection system. This information includes the following: full name, username, email address, and payment accounts. This information is used solely to simplify your account administration.
We do our best to provide the most pleasant experience investing with our company and pay great attention to security and privacy. All information on our website is protected by SSL. Bitcointread doesn't divulge any personal data of customers to third parties. Your participation is strictly confidential.
We have taken all necessary security measures to protect your account information, as well as any personal information. All data is transmitted using encryption, our website is securely protected from DDoS attacks.
If it wasn't you, immediately change the password and report this situation to the site support service.
Each user of the platform. To make money on the referral program you just have to go through a simple registration procedure. A referral link will be automatically generated in your personal account.
We understand the importance of promotion of our project, and we are happy to share part of our profit with those who works hard at bringing new users to our project. For each deposit made by any person who created an account via your referral link, you will be credited with a 7% referral bonus in accordance with the terms of the Affiliate Program.
Participation in the affiliate program is available to all registered users, regardless of whether they have personal deposits or not.
We will monitor all accounts and if we find such user we will be forced to deactivate such an account.
To attract new members, you need to use a personal referral link, which you can find in your account after registration. At your disposal, there are other promotional materials, for example – banners. Post them on various thematic resources, share with potential investors in discussions and social networks. At the same time, we caution you not to resort to spam. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Our Guarantees

Unique development of the investment platform.

Our vast experience since 2011 makes us the absolute leaders in the industry All facilities are certified at least TierIII according to the TIA-942 standard of the Association of Manufacturers of Data Transmission Equipment (TIA).

Award Winning
24/7 Live Support

99.99% Network
Uptime Guarantee!

Daily profit accruals
1-click instant payments

90 Day Money Back

Technological excellence and investment attractiveness

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Petabyte in 2021

Seagate are direct partners! Our price of $ 20 per 1Tb is the lowest in the world it is the most advanced solution based on MACH.2 with a capacity of 14 TB and a data transfer rate of up to 525 MB/s .

Guaranteed income

Every $ 20 increases the total capacity of our mining farms by 1Tb The service life of hard drives is more than 90 days Up to 225% of net profit in the most reliable project!.

Bitcointread is the most profitable cryptocurrency in the world!

The huge interest and constantly growing rate makes your choice the only right one for investing .

Unique platform and website

Responsive and secure website Huge selection of payment systems Instant payouts.

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